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Historic Interest Rates (1522-2001)

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Gas Prices Have Fallen For A Record 16 Straight Weeks


Best Six Year Performance in S&P 500 since 1929 and 1999

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Major Historical Events and S&P Composite Index

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What is Behavioral Finance and how does it impact Markets?

What is Behavioral Finance and how does it impact Markets?

The idea of Behavioral Finance is a relatively new concept in the financial world with its fair share of associated controversies. When Werner De Bondt and Richard Thaler first wrote the article, “Does the Stock Market Overreact?”, academics were quick to disregard it and called it a mistake.

One of the best predictors of Recessions - Inverted Yield Curve!

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Growth of $100- The Dividend Effect


Interest Rates from 3000 BC!

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DJIA - 20 year Rolling Returns


Trading Volumes in NYSE are Rising Again!

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