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Did you know?


  • In 30 years, $100,000 would become $432,194 if invested at 5%, but $1,006,266 if invested at 8%. That is 132% more. Your investment choices make a big difference!
  • While the S&P 500 Index earned an average annual return of 8.4% during 1988-2008 ($1 would have become $5), the average individual investor earned an annual return of just 1.9% ($1 would have become $1.50).
  • $10,000 invested in the S&P 500 Index in February 1989 would have become $29,382 in February 2009. If an investor had missed the best 30 days of daily return, it would have become $6,531 (77% less). If an investor had missed the best 10 days, it would have become $15,123 (48% less).

Past Market Performance

  • From 1926 to 2008, large company stocks had a 9.6% annual return vs. 5.7% for government long bonds and 3.7% for Treasury bills.
  • Over any 10-year rolling period from 1969 to 2008, stocks had only a 1% probability of a negative absolute return (vs. 37% for gold or commodities).
  • Housing price increases since 1890 have been close to 0% factoring in the effects of inflation. Housing prices adjusted for inflation were also flat between 1945 and 2000.


  • With 3% inflation, $1M in 30 years is equivalent to $412,000 today.
  • By 2017, social security costs may exceed revenues.
  • From 1967 to 1984, the average inflation rate was close to 7% (vs. close to 3% average for the past 100 years).

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“If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin

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