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Starting Yields and Subsequent 5-Year Returns (Bloomberg 2020)

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Real S&P 500 Indexes (1900-2017)

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Real Total Return of $1000 Investment with DCA (R.Shiller Data 1909-2019)

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Index Spreads Relative to Treasuries in bps (Bloomberg 2002-2020)

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EM External Debt No Longer Undervalued (Morgan Stanley 2006-2021)

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Rolling 5-Year Returns (Bloomberg 1970-2020)

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Why global diversification makes sense (Morningstar 2010-2020)

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Annualized Return S&P 500 Index (Bloomberg 2001-2020)

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Annual Total Return for Balanced Portfolio of U.S Taxable Bonds (Bloomberg 1980-2020)

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Global Equity Market Summary (Charles Schwab 2020)

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