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S&P 500 annualized trailing 20 year total returns 1927 - August 2021


S&P 500, log scale, from 1927 to August 2021


S&P 500 valuation dispersion since 1997


Adding Alternatives Can Increase Diversification When Stocks and Bonds are Positively Correlated


International: Price-to-earnings and dividend yields vs U.S.

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Nominal and real 10-year Treasury yields since 1958


Top Half Domestic Funds of 2016 Were Unlikely to Repeat their Accomplishments over 2017-20 (S &P Dow Jones Indices)

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Factor Performance Rankings, Developed Markets (Source: Research Affiliates)

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Ten Largest Market-Capitalization Stocks in the World at the Beginning of Each Year (Source: Research Affiliates)

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The Vanguard 529 Plan Glide Path vs. Actual Portfolio Allocation to Equity (Source: Morningstar)

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