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U.S. Equity Prices vs. Rest of World (Source: DoubleLine Funds)

August 26.png

Listed Homes for Sale Per Capita (Source: DoubleLine Funds)

August 25.png

Home Inventory Available for Sale (Source: DoubleLine Funds)

August 24.png

A Multi-Year Boom in Home Prices Could Boost Rent Inflation (Source: DoubleLine Funds)

August 23.png

U.S. Budget Deficit Watch (Source: Bloomberg, DoubleLine)

August 22.png

U.S. Nominal GDP Growth by Year with 2021 Forecast (Source: Bloomberg)

August 21.png

GDP Vs S&P 500 & Earnings Growth (Source: Real Investment Advice)

August 20.png

Monthly Inflation: 1872 to Present (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

August 19.png

Real Estate Prices (Source: Bloomberg)

August 18.png

Unaffordable Homes

August 17.png

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